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As a creative space we aim to foster and support the development of others in their journey to be better at their art. Not just as members of the Dark Photography Tribe, but also as photographers and writers who are able to put their hand to projects and generate an income as freelancers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, you name it.

With the fast changing landscape of the employment world, we understand that there is an ever-increasing need to plan for our futures and develop our skills to provide us with more opportunities. This is something that we strongly encourage you to also do.

Jumping straight in will not necessarily work for everyone and you may need to take a few short courses to become a truly profitable and productive Writer or Photographer. We encourage you to invest in your skills and knowledge however you determine to be appropriate.

We welcome guest blog posts and are happy to return the favour. Should you want to write for Dark Photography, we would be happy to review submissions for publication that are within our specific niche. There are specific criteria which must be met before we will allow an article to appear on our site, but these are not so restrictive that it makes the tasks impossible.

In order to protect the visitors to Dark Photography and the reputation of Dark Photography some minor housekeeping rules need to be shared. Articles submitted must conform to the following requirements in order to receive our approvals and appear on Dark Photography.

  • 1 – Submissions must be original content, not copied from other sources.
  • 2 – All submissions must pass a Copyscape test.
  • 3 – Content that contains profanity, pornography, racism, or is slanderous, hateful or of a similar nature will not be permitted.
  • 4 – Specific categories for indexing must be requested upon submission otherwise they will be determined based upon our interpretation of where the content sits within our site.
  • 5 – Images included must be optimised for the web.
  • 6 – Target keywords are to be nominated, where they are not we will consider the content and assign these as required.
  • 7 – Links will be limited to two (2) out-bound links of your choosing which must not link to questionable sites or (potentially) malicious content. All links will be checked and if deemed unsuitable (inclusive of the description in item 3 above) will not be included. You will be notified and permitted to nominate substitute links.
  • 8 – All content submitted is attributed to the submitting Author and will remain as published on Dark Photography until such time that the submitting Author requests its removal.

To find out more about writing for Dark Photography, please contact us.

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September 19, 2016

Here’s what you do; go into a field in the early morning, just after the sun clears the horizon. With the sun directly in front

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August 3, 2015

Cookies and Gobos play a critical part in your photography journey. Both are very useful for adding a little life to a backdrop, or creating

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