Control Viewer Emotions

Try to start thinking of light not only as a way of getting a proper exposure onto the film or digital sensor, but as a way of controlling your viewer’s emotions. When you start adding an emotional component to your photographs, you will immediately leap ahead of all the other local photographers.

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Light Shaping and Snoot

Light Shaping

 One big benefit of using a hard light is that it is easier to control where it is going. Diffused light flies off everywhere and because of it’s ability to wrap around a subject, it can be difficult to fine tune.

If you have a hard light that is striking more of the scene than you want, you can easily block it with barn doors, flags, snoots, cookies, and gobos.

All of these are basically objects you put in front of or around the light to block or modify it.

I call it shaping the light.

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Photo Exercise

Photo Exercise 1

Here’s what you do…go into a field in the early morning, just after the sun clears the horizon. With the sun directly in front of you, get down low to the ground and scout around until you find a nicely shaped spider web.

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