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Welcome to Dark Photography

Welcome to Dark Photography. This is just the place you want to be if you have a burning desire to know how you can take those perfect photos of all things low light that fascinate you. Dark Photography is a hub where you can learn how to take amazing Milky Way photographs, light trail photographs and how to photograph stars and much more.

Dark Photography - Starry Night and Aurora PhotographyOur experienced writers will teach you how to photograph the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights (let's not forget the Southern sister; the Aurora Australis). You will discover much more than what settings to use on your camera, and what the best camera for aurora photography is as you dig deeper into what supporting equipment you need to consider for aurora photography. Imagine being able to take photos like these without any editing at all! Come on the adventure as we share with you our night photography tips, tricks and hacks, or simply brush up on your basic photography knowledge.

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We are dedicated to delivering you current techniques that we’ve actually put to practice in the field and proven, or in some cases even improved upon.

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Dark Photography - Starry Night and Aurora Photography - Light Angles Matter

Light Angles Matter

Light angles can make a big difference to your photography. Using a side glancing light to accent an item with shadows can soften and balance

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Dark Photography - Starry Night and Aurora Photography - Photo Exercises

Photo Exercise

Here’s what you do; go into a field in the early morning, just after the sun clears the horizon. With the sun directly in front

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